Benefits of Using Brake Parts Designed to Work Together

August 10, 2022

When replacing brake system components, it might seem like using compatible parts from any manufacturer – regardless of brand – should get the job done. However, for the safest brake job with the best performance, it’s always best to use parts from the same manufacturer, like ADVICS, where our brake pads, brake rotors, hydraulics, calipers and brake fluid are designed and manufactured to work together.

There are several benefits to both your shop and customer if you follow this advice.


Using parts that are designed to work together makes performing a brake job a much smoother process, as each component fits seamlessly, ultimately resulting in the vehicle spending less time on the hoist.

As a tech who may be working with flat-rate-billing systems, you know that it’s important to finish each brake job within the allotted amount of time to maintain profit for your shop. Less time on the hoist means your shop can take on more vehicle services and turn a better profit each month.

Safer Driving for Customers

Spending time fabricating parts to fit together not only slows a brake job down, but it can also can result in potential safety issues with braking and stopping power. Parts from the same manufacturer do not require alteration to fit together, which means you deliver a safer, more reliable service. Providing a top-of-the-line brake job the first time helps prevent customer comebacks and increase satisfaction.

Simpler Vehicle Diagnostics

When a customer brings their vehicle in for squeaking noises when braking or unusual pedal feel, the first stop for your inspection will likely be the braking system. However, if brake parts required fabrication in the shop to achieve the right fit when they were installed, there may be an increased likelihood that the issue the customer is experiencing is the result of that process.

On the flip side, if you’re able to see that this particular vehicle has been outfitted with brake system components from the same manufacturer, diagnosing the customer’s issue may be easier as certain possible causes can already be eliminated.

ADVICS Brake Products

ADVICS ultra-premium brake pads, brake rotors, hydraulics, calipers and brake fluid are set apart from the competition for many reasons, including that all brake parts are OEM tested – meaning they are held to the highest standard of quality and engineering for automotive parts manufacturing.

ADVICS ultra-premium brake parts are also designed and engineered to work together, producing a factory fit every time. This gives you confidence in your workmanship, knowing that ADVICS brake jobs can be completed in a timely manner, parts fit together the first time and your customers will be well-taken care of.

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