Our Promise

ADVICS is committed to producing ultra-premium disc brake pads in compliance with the Copper-Free Brake Initiative. By exceeding industry standards in brake pad production, we are helping to contribute to the reduction of toxic heavy metals in the environment and road-runoff, which negatively impacts the health of our streams, rivers and lakes.

What is Copper-Free Compliance?

In 2015, the EPA and automotive industry made a pledge to reduce the use of copper and other non-environmentally friendly materials in brake pads, reducing copper content from <5% by weight in 2021 to 0.5% by 2025.

Look For the Leaf

Look for the leaf icon on all ADVICS ultra-premium disc brake pads. This icon informs consumers that the product meets EPA standards. The darker the leaves, the higher the level of compliance with these regulations. This icon communicates that the product is either heavy-metal-free (A), low copper (B) or no copper (N).


Complies with >5% copper by weight, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and asbestos content regulations are met. Required by 2014.


All Level A heavy metals and materials are less than 0.1% (cadmium less than 0.01%) and copper content >5% by weight. Required by 2021.


Product complies with “Zero-Copper” requirement (>0.5% copper content by weight), all Level A heavy metals >0.1% (cadmium less than 0.01%) by weight. Required by 2025.

ADVICS and the Environment

Consideration for the environment has always been a part of the ADVICS company mission. We aim for harmony between the environment, human beings and creation of a better environment. Read more about the ADVICS environmental policy.