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Brake Pad and Disc Rotor Replacement Procedure

Brakes play a vital role in maintaining road safety. In this video, we will explain how to replace brake pads and rotors in 10 steps.

Understanding Brake Fluid Viscosity

Viscosity is a measure of thickness for brake fluid, especially at low temps. Brake fluid needs to be thin so it easily flows through the ABS system.

Understanding the Critical Role of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid protects the metals used inside the braking system such as calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, and ABS control valves.

Not All Brake Fluid Is Created Equal

Ultra-premium brake fluid is created with corrosion protection, excellent material combability and improved lubricity.

A Closer Look at Brake Fluid Boiling Points

A high boiling point is critical in enabling the brake fluid to transmit force to the braking system which results in a safer vehicle.

What is a DOT 4 LV Brake Fluid

Manufacturers have created low viscosity formulas of DOT 4. Viscosity is measured by how brake fluid spreads over a surface within a set time.

Recommending Ultra-Premium Brake Fluid

Ultra-premium brake fluid is designed to perform in any environment and deliver reliable brake system operation due to its low-temperature viscosity.

How Do You Test Brake Fluid

Due to brake fluid being hydroscopic, the condition depends on two types of indicators - water concentration and the condition of the additive.

How Do You Store Brake Fluid?

Once a bottle of brake fluid is opened, moisture will compromise the contents. Use or discard within a year after opening for maximum benefits.

Why Wet and Dry Boiling Points Are Important

Dry boiling points are the point that a new package of brake fluid boils at, while wet boiling points are measured after the brake fluid absorbs moisture.

Breaking Down the DOT Ratings for Brake Fluid

DOT numbers categorize brake fluid by its boiling point. For example, DOT 4 has a higher boiling point than DOT 3 which gives it its higher number.

Brake-Fluid Replacement Is More Important Than Ever

Brake-fluid is essential to the operation of the braking system. Learn the importance of brake fluid and the difference between DOT 3 and DOT 4 formulations.

How Do You Flush the ABS System?

Skills and tools for replacing or flushing large volumes of brake fluid efficiently as well as tips for what brake fluid to use for your ABS system.

Service Done Right #7: The Most Important Fluid On The Car – And How To Test It

Addressing inspection details from brake fluid color to hygroscopic brake fluid properties and brake fluid shelf life.
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Brake Master Cylinder Diagnostics

Diagnosing a brake master cylinder issue can be complex. Learn about what you should be checking for in a step-by-step vehicle evaluation.

Why Choose an Ultra-Premium Brake Job

With vehicles being engineered to be significantly quieter over time, ultra-premium brake jobs are necessary for eliminating brake noise.