ADVICS North America, Inc. Awarded Total Quality Alliance with Toyota

The Toyota Quality Alliance Trophy

Plymouth, MI (October 2017) – Toyota Motor North America Service Parts & Accessory Supplier Award Recognition has been awarded to ADVICS North America, Inc. The award was presented to ADVICS based on their demonstration of superior quality in their products and performance.

“We are very proud to have received this prestigious award.” commented Fumiko Higa-Bales, Marketing Manager for ADVICS North America, Inc. “It’s an honor to have Toyota recognize ADVICS. We work very hard to manufacture the highest quality and safest braking systems in the world.”

Toyota award winners

ADVICS designs and manufactures brake systems and components for most of the major automakers. Their systems are used in many of the top selling vehicles in North America.ADVICS is dedicated to continuously improving the engineering and performance of every product they sell.

ADVICS North America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ADVICS Co. LTD. and has expanded to include more than 20 locations and over 8,000 employees worldwide.