Electrification and ADAS: The Brake Pad Connection

Webinar Recording (45 Min)

Vehicle technologies like electrification (HEV/BEV) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) need replacement brake pads to function like the originals. However, if the brake pads do not match the originals for friction output and compressibility, it could cause issues for regenerative braking and ADAS systems. Experts and engineers from ADVICS will explore why most late-model vehicles require a premium brake job to restore the performance and safety of the total vehicle.

Questions to be answered:

  • Why does the coefficient of friction matter to ADAS and electrified vehicles?
  • Can an economy brake pad change the performance of automatic emergency braking systems?
  • Why is brake system corrosion worse for electrified vehicles?
  • What happens to electronic brake proportioning when the friction levels do not match the OE specifications?
  • Can a friction mismatch cause issues with the electric parking brake?
  • How can rotor finish and service specifications influence the performance of the brake pads?

Greg Ladley Manager – Friction & Disc Engineering – ADVICS North America
Christian Miller – Director of Base Brake Engineering – ADVICS North America
Andrew Markel – Director of Technical Content, Tech Group – Babcox Media

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